The Centre: an educational vocation

A non profit making organisation which complements the State Education system, the "Centre Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises" was founded in 1952 by Jean Moreau.

Its idyllic setting, a beautiful wooded and floral park nestling on the hillside overlooking the Mediterranean, along with its antic style amphitheatre imagined and decorated by Jean Cocteau between 1957 and 1963 and now used for cultural events, create a unique atmosphere. Indeed the timeless works of the great poet still have a major influence on the educational methods of the Centre.

Since the creation of the CMEF, almost 260 000 students from all over the world have attended its courses in French Language and Civilisation.  Its cultural commitment and pedagogical experience attracts approximately 4 000 youths and 200 teachers each year.


Geographical location of CMEF

The Centre is located 1 kilometre from the border of the Principality of Monaco, 15 kilometres from Nice and 20 kilometres from the Italian border. Situated approximately 100 metres above sea level, it is a wooded and flowery balcony overhanging the Mediterranean Sea, on the mountainside.

The panoramic view from the "tête de chien" (dog's head), hillside overlooking Cap d'Ail and Monaco and which was a strategic site for Emperor Augustus's Roman army, is probably the most beautiful of the French Riviera.

Panoramas depuis la tête de chien

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