Jean Cocteau at the Centre Méditerranéen: 1957- 1963

" In Cap d'Ail, for the youth I wanted to write on sky and water "
Jean Cocteau - 1962

1957: Jean Moreau, Founder and President of the Centre Méditerranéen, invited Jean Cocteau, who was already staying in Cap-Ferrat, to assist in a performance in one of Garcia Lorca's plays given by international students in a small green arbour of the Centre. Jean Cocteau became a friend of Jean Moreau as well as of the Centre Méditerranéen. He returned to do his artistic work and to teach until he passed away in 1963.

Cocteau1958: first drafts of the amphitheatre, modified many times thereafter.

1959: realisation of the first amphitheatre's scene.  

1958 to 1961: Jean Cocteau attempted to improve the acoustics of the theatre by adopting the geometry of the walls, the height of the scene and the resin boxes in the back of the stage. During this period and until 1963 he did a lot of drawing for ceramics in the Centre.

1961: He reminded people of their destiny by designing the inscription " KOMODIA-TRAGODIA ". He decorated the respective gates by drawing the " Chèvre-pied " and the " Minerve ".

1962: He sculptured the " considérables serpents" and places " l'Orphée ", a poetic and mythological figure representing a tremendous spirituality, on the horizon between sea and sky.

1963: On the 5th and 6th of October in Milly-la-forêt, Jean Moreau made a last visit to his poetic** friend who gave him his last two drawings as a heritage. Jean Cocteau died on the 11th of October in Milly-la-forêt.





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