On-site organization

  • Transfers

    transfertFrom and to Monaco train station or Nice airport. In those cases, a bus service is available to get to CMEF. For groups which arrive on their own bus, we will book a parking spot close to the Centre, if available.
  • Arrival at the Centre and accommodation

    When the group arrives at the Centre, the teacher in charge is welcomed by ourstaff at the reception desk.Then, accommodation is organized, a teaching andArrivée au Centre et logement technical dossier (containing the timetables, inside rules, safety instructions, guides to excursions, maps and keys to the bedrooms) is handed to him/her, and the deposit is paid.
    Students and teachers will then be settled in their rooms by the Center's volunteers. Bedrooms have 3 to 5 beds, a bathroom and storage compartments. Bathroom towels are not provided. Afterwards, there is the welcome act and the general presentation of the stay at Jean Cocteau amphitheatre: useful tips and information on the French courses, the excursions and the evening activities is provided to the group. Students are explicitly asked to respect the internal rules and to be attentive to the safety instructions.
  • transfert


    Our student groups have full board bookings. The self service at the cafeteria offers a copious and balanced meal. Given that meals are served collectively, we are unable to offer special menus to suit specific needs, but please contact us if that is your case.
  • Structure of the stay

    The services offered by the Centre ensure a pleasant stay in a family atmosphere. The organization of excursions and evenings, the development of the courses and any little practical problems that may arise are always discussed with the group leaders in order to meet their expectations.
  • Structure of days

    • 8.00: breakfast
    • 8.30/12.30: *language courses (with a 30-minute break)
    • 12.30: lunch
    • 14.00: excursion, visit or workshop
    • 19.00: dinner
    • 20.30: evening activities presented in French by our volunteers (pancakes, waffles, talent evening, collective games, cinema, Monaco excursion, disco, Nice folklore, musical quizzes, Jean Cocteau style pottery workshop).
  • Structure of the week

    • LUNDI

      Matin: Voyage aller.
      Après-midi: Arrivée au Centre et installation avant 17h. Présentation du séjour à l'l'amphithéâtre Jean Cocteau. Promenade le long du sentier litoral.
      Soirée: 20h30: Crêpes et musique.
    • MARDI

      Matin: 8h30-12h30: cours (en groupes de niveaux) - Pause de 10h30 à 11h00
      Après-midi: 13h45: Excursion à Monaco (cathédrale, place du palais, Monte-Carlo) et Eze (vieux village, parfumerie Fragonard).
      Soirée: 20h30: Film français sur grand écran ou Quizz musical ou Spectacle de magie.

      Matin: 8h30-12h30: cours
      Après-midi: 13h45: Excursion à Cannes (palais des festivals, croisette) et Antibes (vieille ville, musée Picasso, Fort Vauban).
      Soirée: 20h30 : Monaco « by night » ou Décoration de poteries façon Jean Cocteau.
    • JEUDI

      Matin: 8h30-12h30: cours
      Après-midi: 13h45: Excursion à Nice (promenade des Anglais, vieille ville, musée Matisse, musée d'art moderne).
      Soirée: 20h30 : Gaufres et soirée dansante.

      Matin: 8h30-12h30: cours + remise des attestations européennes d'études françaises et des dossiers pédagogiques à l'amphithéâtre
      Après-midi: Déjeuner ... puis départ. A bientôt!
      Soirée:Voyage retour.
    *Accompanying teachers: whenever language courses are held, your mornings are free. Our reception staff will be glad to inform you about the interesting places to visit in your free time and how to get there. If you decide to stay at the Centre, a small room with an internet-connected computer and magazines is at your disposal. Or, you can also enjoy reading in the sun (not always guaranteed, but present 320 days a year) at the gardens of Jean Cocteau amphitheatre, with a view to the Mediterranean sea!
  • Health

    no smoking There is a small infirmary at our reception for minor injuries. In case of serious illness or injury, the accredited doctors of CMEF take care of the patient, and in case of emergency we call the First-Aid Attendants of Monaco. Monaco Hospital is 1 km away from CMEF.
    In compliance with the French law for the protection of minors (on health and fire security) it is forbidden to smoke within the school premises.
  • The day of departure of the Centre

    Baggage must be left together after breakfast in a room so that the othertransfertrooms can be cleaned.Before departure, a member of CMEF checks the state of the bedrooms and, if nothing is damaged and no keys have been lost, restores the deposit. We would be thankful if you could send us the end-of-stay evaluation sheet.

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