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Royal Russel School United Kingdom

«Nous avons passé un séjour FABULEUX au centre. Les enfants ont adoré et ne cessent de me demander quand il nous sera possible d'y retourner. L'accueil était parfait, professionnel et efficace. Les différentes nationalités qui sont représentées au centre sont la preuve de ce succès international. Tout le monde était ravi et les cours étaient aussi un bonus, surtout pour les professeurs! Vivement l'année prochaine!"
Anne Mawer Head of Modern Foreign Languages Royal Russell School Coombe Lane Croydon Royaume-Uni


Blog du voyage 2012 de Scotch College d'Adelaide au CMEF et à Paris, réalisé par Shawn Kasbergen et ses élèves !

Shawn Kasbergen, Head of Gordon House Scotch College, Adelaide (Australie)


Berkeley Carroll School de Brooklyn – NYC au CMEF, février 2012
« Bonjour à tous les professeurs de français, les francophiles et les francophones. Nous venons de passer 8 jours au Centre Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises situé à Cap d'Ail sur la Côte d'Azur, Nathalie Youman et moi-même, avec 19 élèves de Terminale d'une école privée de Brooklyn. Si vous n'avez pas la possibilité de faire un échange avec une école située en France et des familles françaises, et si vous êtes en quête d'une formule de séjour en France avec des adolescents, le CMEF est la solution idéale. Nos élèves ont été enthousiasmés par leur séjour, ils ont parlé français tout le temps, et ils ont suivi des cours de français tous les matins. Les possibilités de visite dans la région sont nombreuses et peu coûteuses car il est facile d'utiliser les transports en commun si votre budget est limité. Ma collègue, française d'origine comme moi, et moi-même sommes rentrés enchantés de notre séjour.
Si vous voulez consulter le blog que nous avons créé (photos à l'appui), voilà le lien: bcsfrance2012.blogspot.com
Bien sincèrement, Denis Kohlmuller »


Hello French teachers,
I teach French in Seattle, Washington at Lakeside School (Bill Gates school).
I want to tell you about a FABULOUS program in France. The site is in Cap D'Ail in the south of France just a five-minute walk along the seawall from Monaco. The grounds are spectacular, and the rooms comfortable and immaculate. The food is fantastic! The instruction is superb. (Maybe I should have put that first!)
The people who run the centre could not be any more accommodating, and they will work with you until you get the program exactly as you want. And on top of all this, it is reasonably priced. And one more thing: it is like you are on vacation!
They really take care of everything: the instruction, the visits, the free time. It is very safe and friendly.
I am VERY discriminating about these sorts of programs, and even though it sounds like I have a vested interest here, I don't!! You cannot believe this program, and the setting and the people who run it! My students always have a wonderful experience and make tremendous progress. This is not a program where your students stay with families. Personally, I will not get involved with those…especially with 8th and 9th graders. I am way too nervous having my students driving with anyone; I do not want to deal with kids who are homesick; I don't want to organize getting the students assembled if I have some last-minute plans. I can go on and on why these home stays are not for me, but I do know that many teachers prefer home stays.
The centre has arranged day-long visits to local schools for my students which were great and just enough. This is truly a wonderful program. I almost hate to share it with anyone for selfish reasons, but it is too good to keep to myself! (And honestly, I have no financial gains from this!!) I am more than happy to answer any questions or tell you more. I love talking about this place. You will not be disappointed.
Lucy Goldman, Lakeside School Seattle WA 98040


« Cap d’Ail was unforgettable. The Centre, the courses, the copious meals, the excursions, the activities, the staff and the teachers... It was a motivation for students to keep making progress in class and also for us teachers. Some students who would have otherwise quit French kept studying so that they could go to France, to CMEF, and later because they were fascinated by the language. I can truly say that we completely enjoyed the organization and the activities on the 10 days we spent at Cap d’Ail. So many good memories! »
Rose, high school and university teacher, Adelaïde, Australia


« I am very happy, my students loved the stay and the region, the place and the welcome. They were forced to speak in French and they really enjoyed being together in France »
Estel, high school teacher – El Masnou, Catalonia, Spain – February 2009

« We are back in the United States after having a wonderful time at CMEF and in Paris. Everything was perfect, and the students were fascinated by the amazing sites we visited. I must also say that the stay at CMEF was their favourite part of the journey. Once again, thank you for everything, my students had an unforgettable experience and I know that the youngest ones are already planning their return to CMEF. And thank you too for the stay video, it is really wonderful. »
Myriam, secondary school teacher – Clintonville (NY), USA – March 2009


« The stay was wonderful. People at CMEF were kind and serious. We really loved the excursions, the folk dances, the meals and the views of the Centre! As to the courses, the practical visit to town was a good idea. Thank you. »
Corinne, secondary school teacher – Sydney, Australia – April 2009


« It was excellent: the welcome, the assistance, the classes. We really loved the beautiful natural environment of CMEF and having free mornings (I practised French with the French teachers from other countries). Our students loved working in small groups and listening to French all the time. »
Kaija – high school teacher – Espoo, Finland – May 2009


« The students really liked the stay, and so did we. We also loved the courses and the excursions. The meals were good, the gardens and the environment are very beautiful. »
Alvar, high school teacher – Sant Esteve de Palautordera, Catalonia, Spain – May 2009


« The stay was positive both at an educational and a linguistic level. The location of the Centre, with its large areas, the availability of its staff, the contents and the organization of the activities were all satisfying, as well as the method used by the teachers and their availability. »
Liliana, secondary school teacher – Torino, Italy – January 2010


« It was a beautiful experience with a particularly positive group of students. As always, we loved the location, the garden, the environment, the staff, and the fact that there were even foreign students, not only Italians. The students loved the teacher’s skills, debate activities and the DELF B2 oral exam simulation. »
Antonella, secondary school teacher – Fossano, Italy – February 2010


« As always, I am pleased, which is shown by my loyalty to CMEF! We loved the exchanges, the organization and the courses, as well as the environment, the staffs’ professionalism and the balance between courses and leisure time. My students discovered the « useful » and « fun » side of studying French ».
Paola, secondary school teacher – Tortona, Italy – February 2010


« A very positive experience due to the organization of the stay, the place, and the availability and kindness of the staff we have known for a long time now. Yes, I believe the courses were useful, for the students were asked to use French and they have shown a great interest. We loved all the excursions. »
Magda, San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna), Italy – May 2010


« The stay was very positive for the students. They made the most of the morning classes and the afternoon excursions. We loved the location of the Centre, the green areas, the silence. The students were able to use oral French, which is not frequent in their courses in Italy due to the fact that they have few French hours (2 hours a week) in which they must learn many things (grammar, correction, class exercises, civilization...) »

Chiara, high school teacher – Asti, Italy – May 2010


« The language course at CMEF allowed our students to discover a magnificent environment and a charming region while they practised French with dynamic teachers. For our group, it was a chance to start the school year in a different and attractive way. »
Cecilia, secondary school teacher – Milano, Italy – September 2010

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