Language courses for Middle and High school students

From September to June

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The concept

Our centre specialises in hosting and teaching student groups from high schools and secondary schools accompanied by their teachers: more than 40,000 students and their teachers have visited our centre in the last 20 years.


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Our concept of stay is important for the teaching community of the schools cooperating with us. It is not a school holiday, but a teaching experience abroad which is complementary to the educational work done in the French courses they take throughout the academic year.

It is an opportunity for them to benefit from a change of scenery while effectively using and diving into the language, a total language immersion.

The objective of the stay is primarily linguistic and cultural, but educational in a broad sense with a structured program for students:

  • live as a group, accepting the codes of conduct, under the responsibility of the accompanying teachers and with the help of the CMEF team;
  • be welcomed in another educational place - CMEF, a not-for-profit association - respect its values ​​and regulations in order to benefit from an original French-language training experience in a convivial atmosphere.
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Stay period : your choice

  • Beginning of the school year: the stay has a double effect: it strengthens the cohesion of the class and it makes pupils’ interest in French grow from the moment school starts: teachers usually can make the most of this favourable students’ attitude all school year long.

  • Mid school year or end of the school year: the students will see the stay as a goal to reach, they will have time to dream about it and they will be able to make a mid-term practical use of the concepts they learned that year.
No matter what period is chosen, the language course abroad will remain on the pupils’ minds for a long time all through the school year. It will make the motivation of the students who choose to learn French with you and their families’increase. It is also a really useful supplementary tool for the promotion of the French language and culture, and therefore of what you teach.
It is an educational investment for families and schools, as well as an advantage of which you will be able to make use for your French lessons. Thanks to our CECR Official French Certification, some school systems can give some extra points in French to students who attend the courses.

You teach French. We offer a comprehensive trip for you and all your students :

  • Our French courses are practical and effective to complete your yearly program. We recommend a maximum of 15 students, to encourage everyone's speaking.
  • At the end of your stay, our teachers will hand you a folder with all the activities carried out at the classes during the week and a list of the evaluations of your students.
  • Discovering the cultural and tourist Côte d’Azur, travelling by public and private buses and sometimes just walking. Visits to close places such as Cap d’Ail or Monaco.
  • Depending on the period, it is possible to share evening activities with other international students.

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