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Summer 2018 - Dates and fees

Accommodation, all meals, language courses, cultural
activities, afternoon sports activities, evening
entertainment and Saturday excursions are
ALL INCLUDED in the price.

The sessions start on Sundays and end on Saturdays from: 2 WEEKS 3 WEEKS 4 WEEKS
17th June € 1.695 € 1.550 € 2.320 € 2.190 € 2.950 € 2.830
24th June (2 weeks) € 1.695 € 1.625 € 2.320 € 2.250 € 2.950 € 2.890
1st July (1 week) € 1.695 € 2.320 € 2.950
8th July FULL € 1.695 € 2.320 € 2.950 € 2.890
15th July FULL € 1.695 € 2.320 € 2.250 € 2.950 € 2.830
22nd July FULL € 1.695 € 1.625 € 2.320 € 2.190  
29th July € 1.695 € 1.550  

OPTIONAL afternoon course (additional fees)

Option "Intensive French"
Additional fee:
110 €/week

2x3h afternoons sessions
on Tuesday, Thursday


Please note that to validate the online registration the payment of the deposit by card is mandatory. If you wish to pay the deposit by bank transfer or cash (on site) please contact us directly:

Since 25 May 2018, the regulation on the use of personal data has changed with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force.To this end, CMEF is currently updating its data protection policy. We assure you that your personal data will be treated with care and discretion, as in the past. They are neither sold nor shared. In addition, if you wish to continue receiving our emails, no action is necessary on your part. Otherwise, please indicate your preference to the following email address: Thank you for your confidence!


1Parents personal information

If you have already registered your son/daughter in the past years, click here to log in with your username and password and retrieve your personal information.

Father's telephone:

Mother's telephone:

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2Student personal information

Select the name of the child you want to enroll


You must be at least 13 years old at the beginning of the course. You must not be older than 17 years of age.

Student cell phone number:

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3Academic information

Has he/she ever studied French?

Has he/she ever been at CMEF?:

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4Booking information

Number of weeks:

Registration fees include:

  • annual enrolment fee;
  • the compulsory French language courses: 15 lessons of 60 min / 15 hours per week and educational material (see the description of the objectives and content on our website on page "International Teenagers summer programme");
  • full board accommodation (ARRIVAL ON SUNDAYS, DEPARTURE ON SATURDAYS);
  • regular sports and cultural afternoon activities, the Saturday excursion (except the one on departure) and choice of evening entertainment (organised by the CMEF and its partners). The sample standard programme (see our website) of afternoon and evening cultural and sports activities is non-contractual. CMEF will under any circumstances make available a choice of high quality activities suitable for teenagers. Nota Bene: in view of the great number of proposed activities, it will not always be possible to take part in all of them during the stay;
  • 24-hour access control to the camp by private security officer;
  • 24-hour care by the youth leaders;
  • laundry once a week;
  • WiFi connection (Hotspot according to applicable standards) in the cafeteria;
  • meeting and return transfers (on request): transfers service provided for free from 8 am to 10 pm. The CMEF cannot be held responsible for unforeseen events independent of its wishes on the road to Nice airport or Monaco station (only).

Registration fees do NOT include:

  • the journey from your home country to France and back;
  • personal insurance;
  • the optional afternoon course "Intensive French", 110€/week
  • 50 € deposit in cash that will be asked upon arrival;
  • the loss or repair of material lent to the participant during the activities;
  • medical and pharmacy expenses;
  • an extra night with day excursion: 80€€;
  • surcharge outside 8am/10pm transfer period: 50€€;
  • bathroom towels are not provided.

Optional afternoon course (except for complete beginners)
(additional fees)

Note: no refund if cancelled on site.
  • Option Intensive French (except for complete beginners)
    Additional fee: 110 €/week. 2x3h afternoons sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.

Please select an option
You must accept conditions
  • Course fees: €
  • % Course discount: €
  • Course discount: €
  • Option fees: €
  • Total amount: €
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5Arrival and departure


Nota Bene: Transfer services provided by the CMEF for free from 8 am to 10 pm on Sundays on arrival and on Saturdays on departure (Nice Airport or Monaco Train Station). Schedules to send us later.

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6Health status and permissions

Does your child need any special health treatment?

Individual outings: Possible from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM with signed authorisation from parents. In groups of at least 3 teenagers. In this case, the Centre Méditerranéen d’Etudes Françaises assumes no responsibility. We formally recommend that teenagers swim at beaches patrolled by lifeguards.

Nautical activities (please see the descriptions of all these activities on our web site): Your child can choose to participate - if he/she can swim (a swimming test will be performed the day after arrival) - in the following nautical activities supervised by instructors and our staff:
Sailing, paddling, banana boat, kayaking.
my child to participate in the nautical activities described above.
my child to participate in the nautical activities described above.

Rock climbing and tree climbing (please see the descriptions of all these activities on our web site):
my child to participate in the rock climbing and tree climbing activities.
my child to participate in the rock climbing and tree climbing activities.

These activities require your child to be in a normal physical condition. Please also make sure that your children are insured for the practice of such sport activities.

Health: the CMEF to take all measures necessary (medical examination - in case of emergency, hospitalisation) to preserve the health or life of my child. In this case I agree to bear the medical expenses and hospitalization fees.


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7General conditions and terms of payment

Application form: it should include:
- this completed and signed form;
- a deposit of 500 €.
Upon receipt of the deposit and this form, an email will be sent (to the email address listed as primary) as well as access codes to your reserved web page: you will find practical information and forms to be filled in carefully (medical form with medical and liability insurance, scan of passport or identity card). Please note: registration will only be confirmed upon receipt of the balance and the information and documents required.

Payment: payments can be made by bank* transfer, cheque (made payable in Euros only) or online. Cheques can be made out to CENTRE MÉDITERRANÉEN D'ÉTUDES FRANÇAISES. Cheques made out in foreign currency cannot be accepted. Total payment (handling fee deposit) must be made one month before the date of arrival.
*BANK: Crédit Agricole Provence Côte d’Azur: 114, avenue du 3 septembre F-06320 Cap d’Ail
IBAN FR76 1910 6006 4400 0891 2001 213 SWIFT AGRIFRPP891

Cancellation: the 500 €€ handling fee deposit will be retained by the Centre Méditerranéen d’Etudes Francaises. No refund will be made in case of cancellation less than one month before arrival, after the start of the course or on departures made before the end of the course. Once your child is at the centre no refund will be made upon cancellation of the optional afternoon course "Intensive French". The Centre Méditerranéen d'Études Françaises reserves the right to cancel summer programme enrolment or the optional afternoon course, if the number of participants is insufficient or in case of Force Majeure. In this case the registration fees will be fully refunded, not including travel costs (train, plane).

Insurances: participants must enter into an insurance contract in their own countries that includes: individual civil liability (for damage caused to third parties), medical insurance: sickness, accidents, repatriation, insurance for the practice of sports activities (check with your insurance company). Other recommended insurance: loss or theft of luggage or personal belongings, plane ticket change or cancellation insurance. The CMEF is not responsible for any thefts that take place in the Centre (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.). We suggest you choose for your son/daughter a suitcase that can be locked.
The CMEF Insurance covers only its own civil liability.

CAMP rules (according to the French legislation): I hereby declare that I have made my child aware of the rules and regulations of the CMEF according to French laws in force by which he/she must abide during his/her stay. Formal prohibitions: regular and electronic cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, energy drinks, dangerous objects, such as knives, firecrackers, etc., use of fire, graffiti and other acts intended to damage the Centre, as well as on being out without a staff member after 6.30 pm and climbing trees.
The violation of the aforementioned rules could lead to sanctions or even the immediate exclusion of the student. In this case it will be the parents’ responsibility to organize their child’s departure and they will not be reimbursed for the remaining time of the stay.
CMEF reserves the right to make and enforce other regulations during the course of the vacation which are not included in the general conditions of enrolment, in order to safeguard the physical and moral welfare of the young people taking part.
French law requires that all participants have their original identity documents (passport or identity card) on-site (at CMEF). We will keep these secure.
The CMEF reserves the right to refuse the registration of a teenager whose behaviour was judged unacceptable during a previous stay. In this case, any amount already paid will be refunded.

Deposit: we kindly ask you to provide your son/daughter with an extra 50 €€ note in his/her pocket money. It will be taken as a security deposit and given back on the day of departure, except in case of damage to the CMEF equipment.

Image reproduction rights: The CMEF uses carefully selected photos taken during stays here to illustrate our marketing documents and website, unless the participant (or their parents or legal representative) specifically requests not to be included. Any such request must be sent to the CMEF by registered letter on the day of arrival at the latest.

The French Data Protection Act: The personal data collected by the CMEF are confidential and meant for the exclusive use of the school. None of this data will be transmitted, whether for free or any type of financial contribution, to a third party. The processing of these data is done in accordance with the simplified norm N48 (deliberation N° 2005-112 as of 07/06/2005). The CMEF website has been the object of a declaration concerning the automatic processing of nominative information to the CNIL.

Claims: Nearly all practical problems that may arise during the stay are resolved immediately thanks to the permanent availability of direct verbal communication between the participants and the CMEF team. If despite repeated efforts of each one complaint persists, it should be made in writing to the direction of CMEF no later than one week after the end of the stay.
E-mail: Fax: 0493418396 or per mail to the address of the CMEF.

We kindly ask you to settle a 500 € deposit in order to confirm the booking.

Please also note that the total amount should be settled a month before the arrival. In case you reserve less than one month before the arrival, the total amount is due.


** acceptance by electronic signature

Amount to be paid now: €


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