International Youth Symphony Orchestra - Summer Academy

Testimonies of trainees

Stage Européen d'Orchestre Symphonique

"We formed great ties amongst us and produced music that I would never have expected! A completely reserved exceptional theatre and a balcony on the Mediterranean Sea! Extraordinary!"
Kevin, 16 years old

One does not often benefit from advice from an orchestra professional, because generally during training we are supervised by professors who do not necessarily work in an orchestra and thus give advice more adapted to a soloist than to an orchestra musician. The general atmosphere was pleasant and, contrary to other training sessions, rather relaxed while studious all the same."
Gabrielle, 15 years old

"The service of accompanying students to the station or the airport is really a plus!"
Manon, 13 years old

"The satisfaction to see the outcome of a long-term job and to be able to play parts in unision which, at first, seemed impossible to do in 8 days."
Jean Xavier, 14 years old

"I greatly loved the orchestra during the day. The few excursions outside the centre were welcome. Everybody was united and there was always somebody to support you if there was the slightest problem. A really exceptional atmosphere! I really liked the organization of the centre. The musicians were together, the meals were organized, and we always had a place where we could relax."
Joséphine, 18 years old

"The memories will forever remain engraved in my memory. The meeting of many cultures. Great teachers!"
Gwénaëlle, 14 years old

"Very formative training, very good supervision, progress is assured, very pleasant atmosphere in a beautiful environment. And great for practising foreign languages."
Laurie, 17 years old


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