Junior summer programme

«… After my daughter Pricila’s return from the CMEF, I would like to thank you all for the excellent organisation of the stay and for the assistance for her return journey. She was very happy about the experience, the wonderful place, the programme and she also made friends from all over the world. She has learned a lot and her teachers already took her final certificate into consideration. So I thank the organisation of the Centre, the whole team of activity leaders, as well as the professors for coordinating such an interesting and positive project for the youth. Having worked in the international research on children, adolescents and children’s rights for a long time, I recognize the importance that these offers for the youth of different countries, which are both culturally formative and of interest for them, increase, especially at a time where school doesn’t perform at its best. »
Alice, mother of Pricilia – Italy

« …Olivier was very happy about his stay and to be able to spend three weeks in such a beautiful place. I hope his French improved as much as he enjoyed himself ! It was a big success ! Thank you so much, and I hope the summer went well for you as well. I saw all the pictures and évident that everybody was having fun. Obviously they’ll stay in touch over Facebook ! »
Lisa, mother of Olivier – USA 

« Our daughter Josephine spent three wonderful weeks at the CMEF summer programme and enjoyed it very much. Everything was perfectly organised, the teachers were wonderful, the activities and outings great and the food was very good, too. We were amazed by what you offer - there was so much to see, to visit and to do. So we were all very happy. »
Gudrun, mother of Josephine - Germany 

“My name is Nataliya, I’m 15 years old and I’ve been coming to CMEF every summer for 4 years. It’s a really pleasant and beautiful place. The atmosphere is very friendly and everybody is a united team. I really like this centre because there are many opportunities here to meet new friends from different countries. I’m happy to have discovered a place like this!”
Nataliya, Ukraine 

"My name is Vlad. It’s my third time in CMEF. Each year the Centre is getting better. I found lots of friends here. It’s good to see same people every year, same animateurs, same students. I love the possibility to go to the beach and to study French. Location of the Centre gives us possibilities to go to Nice, Monaco, Menton, Cannes etc. I’m glad to spend my time here. It’s fantastic."
Vlad, Russia

“The CMEF study abroad program opens doors to meet other nationalities. There is an equal balance between the language classes and time for activities in the afternoon or at night. Thank you for an amazing summer for the second year in a row!”
Sophia and Celine, Los Angeles

“My stay at this camp was brilliant. The fact that all the youth leaders were young meant that from the first day the atmosphere between them and the students was fantastic. This experience was a very good opportunity for me to make new friends from all over the world. Every day, there is an activity, in the afternoons as well as the evenings. The centre is very near to Nice and Monaco where we had good days outside the centre too. I really liked the setting of the centre, the position of the bedrooms and all the nature.”
Blanca, Madrid  

School Groups

«Nous avons passé un séjour FABULEUX au centre. Les enfants ont adoré et ne cessent de me demander quand il nous sera possible d'y retourner. L'accueil était parfait, professionnel et efficace. Les différentes nationalités qui sont représentées au centre sont la preuve de ce succès international. Tout le monde était ravi et les cours étaient aussi un bonus, surtout pour les professeurs! Vivement l'année prochaine!"
Anne Mawer Head of Modern Foreign Languages Royal Russell School Coombe Lane Croydon Royaume-Uni

Berkeley Carroll School de Brooklyn – NYC au CMEF, février 2012
« Bonjour à tous les professeurs de français, les francophiles et les francophones. Nous venons de passer 8 jours au Centre Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises situé à Cap d'Ail sur la Côte d'Azur, Nathalie Youman et moi-même, avec 19 élèves de Terminale d'une école privée de Brooklyn. Si vous n'avez pas la possibilité de faire un échange avec une école située en France et des familles françaises, et si vous êtes en quête d'une formule de séjour en France avec des adolescents, le CMEF est la solution idéale. Nos élèves ont été enthousiasmés par leur séjour, ils ont parlé français tout le temps, et ils ont suivi des cours de français tous les matins. Les possibilités de visite dans la région sont nombreuses et peu coûteuses car il est facile d'utiliser les transports en commun si votre budget est limité. Ma collègue, française d'origine comme moi, et moi-même sommes rentrés enchantés de notre séjour. Bien sincèrement, Denis Kohlmuller »

« Cap d’Ail was unforgettable. The Centre, the courses, the copious meals, the excursions, the activities, the staff and the teachers... It was a motivation for students to keep making progress in class and also for us teachers. Some students who would have otherwise quit French kept studying so that they could go to France, to CMEF, and later because they were fascinated by the language. I can truly say that we completely enjoyed the organization and the activities on the 10 days we spent at Cap d’Ail. So many good memories! »
Rose, high school and university teacher, Adelaïde, Australia

« It was excellent: the welcome, the assistance, the classes. We really loved the beautiful natural environment of CMEF and having free mornings (I practised French with the French teachers from other countries). Our students loved working in small groups and listening to French all the time. » 
Kaija – high school teacher – Espoo, Finland 

« The language course at CMEF allowed our students to discover a magnificent environment and a charming region while they practised French with dynamic teachers. For our group, it was a chance to start the school year in a different and attractive way. »
Cecilia, secondary school teacher – Milano, Italy – September 

International Youth Symphony Orchestra - Summer Academy

"We formed great ties amongst us and produced music that I would never have expected! A completely reserved exceptional theatre and a balcony on the Mediterranean Sea! Extraordinary!"
Kevin, 16 years old

One does not often benefit from advice from an orchestra professional, because generally during training we are supervised by professors who do not necessarily work in an orchestra and thus give advice more adapted to a soloist than to an orchestra musician. The general atmosphere was pleasant and, contrary to other training sessions, rather relaxed while studious all the same."
Gabrielle, 15 years old

"The satisfaction to see the outcome of a long-term job and to be able to play parts in unision which, at first, seemed impossible to do in 8 days."
Jean Xavier, 14 years old 

"I greatly loved the orchestra during the day. The few excursions outside the centre were welcome. Everybody was united and there was always somebody to support you if there was the slightest problem. A really exceptional atmosphere! I really liked the organization of the centre. The musicians were together, the meals were organized, and we always had a place where we could relax."
Joséphine, 18 years old 

"The memories will forever remain engraved in my memory. The meeting of many cultures. Great teachers!"
Gwénaëlle, 14 years old 

"Very formative training, very good supervision, progress is assured, very pleasant atmosphere in a beautiful environment. And great for practising foreign languages." 
Laurie, 17 years old