Flé qualité
Centre Académique Delf scolaire Junior
Groupement Fle

Ministry of Education

  • Label "Qualité FLE" [Quality in French as a Foreign Language], a national quality assurance scheme concerning teaching, facilities and management. Listed in the national information book of Centres offering courses in French as a foreign language.
  • Under N°57/1 of the Official Bulletin - Under n°0698.21 of the local inspection board
  • Academic Centre for the DELF Junior/school examinations, officially registered with the local education authority and in collaboration with the CIEP of Sèvres.
  • TCF Examination Centre, in collaboration with the CIEP of Sèvres.
  • Teaching partnership with the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis


Ministry of Youth and Sports

  • Under article N° R-06-050, certification of « Jeunesse et Éducation populaire ». It is recognised by the European Commission for its « programme Jeunesse » (youth programme).

CMEF is a member of the "Groupement FLE" professional group that brings together French Schools in France offering French Courses and guarantees quality service.


  • College Board (USA)
    • Authorization to prepare the Advanced Placement « French language » examination.

They trust us

For 50 years, cultural French services worldwide and several institutional partners such as the OFAJ (Office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse / Franco-German Office for Youth) are supporting and spreading our programs.

More than 100 educational establishments or universities from all over the world, and numerous international specialists of cultural linguistic programs in France, trust us.